So-rop-tim-ist: A global volunteer organization that provides women and girls with access to education and training they need to achieve economic empowerment.  

Our Mission

Founded in 1921 in Oakland, California, Soroptimist is a global women’s organization whose members volunteer to improve the lives of disadvantaged women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment. Approximately 74,000 Soroptimists in over 120 countries and territories support community–based and global projects benefiting women and girls. The organization is particularly concerned with providing disadvantaged women and girls access to education, as this is the most effective path to self-determination.

The name, Soroptimist, means "best for women," and that's what the organization strives to achieve. Soroptimists are women at their best, working to help other women to be their best.

Soroptimist members belong to local clubs. Clubs participate in the Dream Programs of Soroptimist, Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women and Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls to help women and girls achieve social and economic empowerment. The Dream Programs of Soroptimist ensure women and girls have access to the education and training they need to reach their full potential and live their dreams. Soroptimist is committed to investing in programs that have a sustainable, measurable change for women and girls.

Soroptimist also sponsors, an online community empowering offline volunteer action. The self-motivated network is made up of people who wish to support women and girls in their quest to lead better lives, while gaining inspiration in their own lives. Members of the free online community work on topics such as women’s economic empowerment, ending violence against women, human trafficking, and more. They also have access to inspirational articles, tips, and blogs that can help them live their own personal dreams.



If you'd like more information about joining Soroptimist of Vacaville Twilight Club, we'd love to meet you! We meet once a month in the evening, on the 2nd Tues of the month. Meetings are held at Pietro’s #2 from 6:30 - 8:00PM. Arrive at 5:30 PM if you'd like to order food and socialize, or are a new visitor.

As a Soroptimist Twilight member, you would be joining a friendly, fun, dynamic group of ladies, currently 35-40 members strong, with a shared passion in serving the community and spreading the Soroptimist mission. Members attend monthly meetings, promote our club programs, participate in fundraising activities and join at least one committee per club year. Members are also welcome to attend District Meetings, Leadership Training and Conferences. We'd be happy to share more details with you at your first meeting.

Click on the link below to access our membership form:

SI Vacaville Twilight Membership Form July 2018 - June 2019

Pay your membership dues online here.


PROGRAMS. Chair - Colleen Stafford

The purpose of the Program Committee is to coordinate Club projects, awards, and activities to assure that these all align with the Club Mission Statement and purpose. This committee seeks out, recommends and invites speakers to the Club’s monthly meetings.

B.E.S.T. (BELIEVE, EMPOWER, SUPPORT, TEACH) Chair: Michelle Strand and Brandi Palomo

This program provides financial and emotional support for women who are victims of abuse or who have recently been released from incarceration. They are treated to a day of beauty/self-care, lunch and clothes shopping spree.

FUNDRAISING.  Chair: Kim Radford

The purpose of this committee shall be to direct all fundraising events for the Club and to assist the Treasurer in developing and managing the annual budget. When events are chosen, this committee plans all details and executes them with the help of all Club members.

BOOTS AND BLING FUNDRAISING EVENT: Co Chairs:  Kim Radford, Dana Holve, and Kathleen Wilde

LIVE YOUR DREAM. Chair: Jackie DeVries

The Soroptimist Live Your Dream Awards assist women who provide the primary source of financial support for their families by giving them the resources they need to improve their education, skills and employment prospects.This committee plans and organizes the search, selection and awarding of the financial assistance. 

MEMBERSHIP. Chair: Michelle Strand

This committee will brainstorm strategies to attract and retain Club members. They will plan membership recruitment activities and provide mentorship for new members. Committee members work closely with the Public Awareness Committee to develop content specifically targeted to prospective members.

PUBLIC AWARENESS. Chair: Desi Fernandez

This committee focuses on bringing the message of Soroptimist and our Club to the public. They help create and manage content on the Club website and the Club’s social media accounts. This committee assures that Club programs and events receive public recognition through media outlets of all types.